Active Thermal Probe

Active Thermal Probe data sheet

The Active Thermal Probe detects the proper energy impact on the target surface in a plasma process. In all plasma technological processes the effects taking place at the substrate changes significantly with the energy of the incoming particles. In conjunction with further properties (thermal radiation etc.) it forms the full application of energy at the substrate. To achieve a correlation between the energy impact and the favored substrate properties, a highly sensitive measurement of the energy is essential.

The probe reacts highly sensitive to changes of process parameters. Therewith it is a powerful and cost-efficient tool for the quality assurance in industrial processes and in the same time allows answers to scientific questions. Applying the Active Thermal Probe the characterization, monitoring and control of plasma processes especially in research and development is facilitated by a direct verification for the adjusted parameters.

Features of the Active Thermal Probe:

  • fully vacuum-tight
  • temperature-resistant up to 450°C
  • measuring range for energy flows down to 2 ± 0.001 W/cm²
  • active area of sensor 49 mm
  • variable total length and geometry (e.g. for feedthroughs)
  • incl. software package for control and analysis
  • support in installation and process optimization available