Q-MACS Basic

The Q-MACS Basic represents the basic component of our product line to access the field of Mid-Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy. As a stand alone QCL source it can be utilized for spectroscopy research purposes and e.g. in instrumentation for the characterization of optical materials' properties.
The Q-MACS Basic comes with a laser head, power supply, connection cables and the control software Q-MACSoft for tuning the mid-infrared radiation source in the optimum way.


Q-MACS Trace

This adaptable steady state or portable system has been developed for trace gas measurements for ecological and environmental researches. It is based on the Q-MACS Basic and allows a highly sensitive gas analysis up to concentration rates of ppt (parts per trillion). A long path cell increases the measuring accuracy and completes a device for your special needs in terms of trace gas detection at the highest level.


Q-MACS Process

The Q-MACS Process is an open path system or is directly coupled to the measuring path via an IR-fibre and can be deployed in industrial on-line processes without using a long path cell. Directly adapted to your production system it will ensure an effective control of production processes, which have to rely on the exact allowance of tiny concentrations of different molecular compounds in plasma or gas states down to the ppb range.


Plasma sources

With our handy atmospheric pressure plasma sources, even sensitive surfaces can be cleaned, decontaminated and activated. The very small, compared with other plasma sources available on the market, and stable plasma beam allows the treatment of components with highly complex geometries, smallest gaps and capillaries or finest drill holes. Specifically, our kINPen® IND generates the coldest available plasma with a guaranteed temperature below 40 °C. It is therefore used in particular for the surface treatment of very temperature-sensitive materials such as plastics. Our plasma sources are used in numerous industries, such as electronics, plastics processing and the manufacture of sophisticated optics.


Temperature controller

Our powerful temperature controllers meet the highest demands in the professional control of heaters and Peltier elements respectively. Their highly accurate measurement of the temperature in combination with a sophisticated PID algorithm and the low-noise power electronics allows the precise regulation of even the smallest temperature deviations.


Q-MACS Components

The various Q-MACS components are available separately. Different key components represent the basis on the one hand to access the area of Mid-Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy or on the other hand to improve Q-MACS and other conventional systems respectively. Our catalog offers an insight into the capaibilities of our manifold equipment.