Q-MACS Process

Controlling and monitoring of processes in gases and plasmas

Our systems can be employed in several industrial processes, especially where controlling and monitoring of on-line production processes make great demands on reliability, safety, velocity and mainly sensitivity in measuring tiny concentrations of gases or plasma molecules (up to the ppt range).
An in-situ process control by Q-MACS covers consequently on the one hand an observation possibility of the production process or its parts and on the other hand the active control for quality purposes and efficiency improvements combined with cost reduction.

- semiconductor industrie
- pharmaceutical industry
- chemichal industry
- coating industry




Plasma systems for pretreatment of sensitive surfaces

Technical plasmas became an essential tool for surface treatment of raw material in industrial applications, science and development. The chemical reactivity from the species and emissions formed in plasmas are used to selectively modify surface properties and to produce materials with specific properties. The utilized effects arise from the application of excited gas species, the irradiation by the ultraviolet light spectrum, the induced current flow and a topical short-term temperature increase. Plasmas combine these physical effects in a useful and synergistic way, what make the modification of surfaces by plasma activation possible. Hydrophilic surfaces are generated showing considerable improvements in wettability, printability and adhesiveness. Moreover, our plasma systems are suited for ultra-fine cleaning of surfaces, to remove chemical additives, applicable even with objects of highly complex geometries.

- electronic industry, e.g. chip production
- optical industries, e.g. lenses
- medical technology, e.g. implants
- biomedicine, e.g. cell culture materials



Q-MACS Trace

Environmental and security applications

The possibility of detecting molecules of interest, despite the presence of other gases, offers in combination with a portable and highly sensitive detection system a wide range of applications for trace gas analysis in several fields.
The combination of high sensitivity and time resolution allows the employment of the Q-MACS for monitoring and detecting multiple species in real time and in situ in various surroundings.
The opportunity to alert and indicate personnel to the presence of a variety of dangerous compounds in the air draws the line of new standards in workplace safety and homeland security.

- trace gas analysis
- explosive detection
- environmental monitoring
- leak testing




Medical applications

Q-MACS technology is able to support medical diagnostics and medical imaging on a non-invasive way. The main idea of breath gas analysis is based on the fact that certain breath gases in combination with their concentration refer to a variety of illnesses. Such a library of biomarkers in combination with the Q-MACS features could provide real-time medical diagnostics, which deliver decisive information about a person's state of health in checkups.

- breath gas analysis