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Many components of the Q-MACS Process and Q-MACS Trace systems are separately available. Q-MACS Basic represents the key component within our product range to access the field of mid infrared absorption spectroscopy. As a stand alone laser head with its control and supply unit it can be utilized for spectroscopic research purposes. The additional software package Q-MACSoft enables you to enhance scientific results in many ways. The components can be assembled to lab systems that meet the specific needs of the respective experimental setting or to enhance your existing laboratory measuring equipment.

  • customizable and compact lab systems
  • Q-MACS Basic for operation with pulsed and continuous wave QCL
  • complementary equipment and software
  • expansion of Q-MAC systems

  • research of gas and plasma phenomena
  • calibration of spectroscopic equipment
  • tuning of mid infrared radiation sources
  • OEM parts for manufacturer and reseller

Please check out our actual product catalog and discover the manifold possibilities brought to your specific application by our devices.