MiniMIP Plasma Source

By its high degree of flexibility the microwave plasma source MiniMIP allows the efficient use in various sophisticated applications and experiments. The alternative use of pure Argon, Helium optionally complemented by admixture of molecular gases ensures the ability of matching the process chemistry to the requirements of the specific application. Moreover, the wide operating range with regards to gas flow and microwave power along with the inherent high plasma temperature are essential prerequisites for various applications in decontamination, ultra-fine cleaning and activation of surfaces as well as real-time sample preparation speciation analysis approaches. These properties make the MiniMIP plasma source a powerful tool in production and analytic application fields of industry and research.


MiniMIP features:

  • compact and mobile
  • high flexibility
  • scalable temperature ranges
  • wide application spectrum
    • activation
    • fine cleaning
    • decontamination
    • speciation analysis (e.g. organic Hg-, Pb-, Sn-compounds)
    • chemical reactor
  • treatment of
    • technical and biological materials
    • sophisticated geometric shapes
    • hard-to-get-at locations
  • precise and point-by-point operation
  • powered by noble and molecular gases
  • versatile process integration