Temperature Controller

Lab and OEM temperature controller
This high precision temperature controller fulfils maximum performance requirements whether you are using heating or Peltier elements. The outstanding and reliable temperature stability for various applications is achieved by the high resolution temperature measurement of 0.001 K and an optimized PID-loop. The controller is set up via a USB interface and comes complete with easy-to-use control software. The PID-parameters, temperature limits and further options can be configured on site by the customer. The controller can be easily integrated in your own lab software using an open ASCII-protocol. The second measurement input allows the implementation of additional monitoring- or safety measures and therefore it has separately adjustable temperature limits. For calibration or matching of multiple sensors the temperature offsets can be dynamically programmed. Furthermore, a controllable analog output provides the option to integrate a further device, like a fan unit for heat dissipation when implementing Peltier cooling. Our temperature controllers are also available in an OEM version for integration in your own setups. These outstanding features allow the controller to fulfil challenging requirements in various sophisticated applications such as microscopy or laser spectroscopy.


Ultra compact OEM temperature controller
The Q-MACS TC Type1 is a highly compact PID controller designed specifically for control of Peltier elements in highly demanding environments.


Q-MACS Thermo Control Unit
The Q-MACS Thermo Control Unit (TCU) is designed to chill lasers and detectors for high sophisticated spectroscopic and industrial applications. The high control accuracy is achieved by a PID element and the vibration-free water cycle. This enables best measuring results without unwanted artefacts.